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COVID-19 Pandemic Controls

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COVID-19 Pandemic Controls

The health and safety of our patients, staff and the community is our top priority.Heightened health and safety precautions are currently in place at our office to limitthe risk of community transmission of COVID-19. Above and beyond the minimumsafety requirements that are followed, the office has invested in several additionalmeasures including the upcoming installation in June 2020 of Novaerus AirDisinfection technology which has been independently tested to reduce MS2Bacteriophage,a surrogate for SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19), by 99.99%.

Training and education of our team is an important step in service-readiness andreiterates the importance of full procedure compliance during this time.

  • Refresh proper handwashing techniques for our team. This is a basic but veryimportant step that can easily be overlooked by many people in general inpreventing virus transmission.
  • Practice the appropriate use of personal protective equipment (PPE)
  • Temperature is to be taken twice a day, a person is sent home immediately ifdisplaying an elevated temperature of 100.4F or 38C and above.
  • Formulated a checklist of recommendations and expectations for our team to limitthe possibility of virus transmission.


1. Pre-screening by phone or email of a patient to ensure the patient does notexperience any of the following symptoms or risk factors:

  • Cough
  • Fever
  • Difficulty breathing
  • Sore throat
  • Runny nose
  • Flu-Like symptoms*Loss of sense of taste or smell
  • Close personal contact with confirmed or suspect Covid-19 person within the past 2weeks
  • Travel outside of Canada within the past 2 weeks.

2. High-risk patients such as the elderly and immunocompromised given priority forquieter appointment times such as earlier in the day or immediately after a break.

3. Patients displaying any of the above symptoms, unfortunately, cannot be treated ina regular dental operatory at our location. We can instead assist remotely byreferring you to an alternate facility.

4. Forms are now upgraded to an electronic form where possible to avoid the needfor transferring clipboards, pens and paper.

5. A screening questionnaire is to be completed by the patient on arrival to confirmthe absence of COVID-19 symptoms or risk and would be sent electronically to thepatient for preview.


1. Only scheduled patients or maximum of one accompanying guardian for a patientwho is a minor will be allowed into the office.

2. Appointment times are staggered to reduce traffic inside the clinic. Please bepunctual and arrive no earlier than 5 minutes prior to the appointment time.Therefore patients are encouraged to wait inside their vehicle, or immediatelyoutside the building ( weather allowing) but socially distanced from others. If theoperatory is not readily available waiting chairs are spaced 6 ft apart.

3. Hand sanitizer is placed by the entrance to the clinic, please make use of it on entryand after contact with any surfaces.

4. If the operatory is not readily available waiting chairs are spaced 6 ft apart.

5. Patients are encouraged to bring their own masks, and also pen in case of the needto complete additional insurance claim forms that do not yet allow digitalsignatures.

6. Reception area and other high-touch surfaces throughout the office will be wipedat increased frequency.

7. Temperature will be gauged with a non-contact thermometer, temperatures above100.4F or 38C.

8. Washroom is closed except for emergencies, children must be accompanied. If the bathroom must be used please do so prior to or after the appointment ratherthan requesting to go mid-appointment.

9. Pre-rinse of hydrogen peroxide oral solution will be offered to the patient prior totreatment.

10. Staff are continuously masked unless they require a refreshment break.11. Extra time is allowed to provide sufficient time for enhanced infection controlprocedures to take place.

12. Cases that will be Aerosol Generating Procedures (AGP) - are each risk evaluated,and when deemed necessary and appropriate, will be given dedicated enclosedoperatories.


1. Additional hand sanitizer will be offered immediately after treatment forreapplication.

2. Rebooking will either be done within the operatory or by phone call immediatelyafter to reduce waiting room and reception area foot traffic.

3. Payment in cash is discouraged at this time. Please provide debit or credit card(Mastercard/Visa) instead to settle outstanding balances on the day.We thank you for your understanding and cooperation to ensure a safe environmentfor all to provide your care.

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